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A criminal charge has the opportunity to threaten your future in many different ways. Prison time and a criminal record can be something that floats over your head for the rest of your life. With your life at stake, you need an attorney who is willing to fight for you and who has the experience in criminal defense and the Milwaukee judicial system to help you avoid maximum penalties. This isn’t the time to take a chance on anyone but the best. 

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If you have recently been arrested for a criminal offense, Jeff is here for you when you need an attorney most. Do not hesitate to reach out to receive effective legal solutions.

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Attorney Jeff Purnell is a Criminal Defense Lawyer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin covering not only the Greater Milwaukee Area but licensed to defend the rights of individuals throughout all of Wisconsin. Jeff has been representing people accused of violating Wisconsin criminal laws for over 20 years and is highly-rated & regarded as one of the best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Wisconsin. Attorney Purnell accepts both State and Federal criminal cases throughout the State of Wisconsin. Purnell Law Office clients have included Professional Athletes, Politicians, Police Officers, Other Attorneys, Business Executives, and much more!

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Attorney Jeff Purnell is a top rated criminal defense attorney in the greater Milwaukee area. 

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"Jeff Purnell was extremely helpful in getting my case dismissed. I was able to communicate with him and he stood up for me through everything. Excellent lawyer!!"
- E Nelson
Very reasonable priced, great advice. The outcome was what we wanted. Here is a lawyer that really cares about his clients. Highly recommend him. He is a down to earth person."
- Sue W.
"If you're ever in need of a lawyer I would recommend Mr. Purnell. He stays on top of everything , there was never a time of lack of communication because he makes sure that you're filled in on everything . We definitely got the results that we were looking for . He's reasonably priced & also cares about his clients. He's not just out to get your money. He actually wants to help!"
- Kashayla D.
"Provided excellent legal service in the Milwaukee County Judicial System. Very responsive and knowledgeable about the legal process and has a great rapport with the Milwaukee County DAs office. If you every find yourself in a bad situation and need expert legal advice, he is your man."
- Daniel H.

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