Wisconsin Tax Fraud Attorney

If you have been charged with Tax Fraud, or if you are under investigation for Tax Fraud, by the State of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (“DOR”), you should contact me immediately.  I am a former Revenue Auditor with the DOR, and former Tax Consultant with one of the top 3 international accounting firms.  I have passed the Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”) examination.

When you are investigated for, or charged with, Tax Fraud by the DOR, you need a qualified, experienced Tax Fraud Attorney with the experience and inside knowledge of how the government agencies operate.

Most individuals and or businesses who get charged with Tax Fraud have never had police contact.  It is important to contact a qualified Tax Fraud Attorney immediately when you get notified of such a charge.  One should never talk to the authorities without a lawyer.

Tax Fraud cases are fraught with reams and reams of documents that the government purports support a Criminal Tax Fraud charge against the person or business involved.  While it is a time consuming process, I have poured over such documentation, both as a Government Auditor and as a Tax Fraud Attorney.

Call me immediately if you have been contacted by the authorities regarding a State of Wisconsin Tax Fraud

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